Side Hustles You Can Start With Less Than $200

A girl in blue jeans and a sweater and a bright blue baseball cap mows grass with a red lawn mower

What can you do with $200? You can buy groceries, some inexpensive clothes, or a nice piece of furniture. But what if you can start a profitable side hustle that will help you build wealth and have enough money for emergencies? When deciding on the right side hustle, it's important to think about your skills and how you can turn them into a side business. You should also ask yourself if there is a need that you can fill in your community that others are not filling. Maybe there are a lot of single mothers in your neighborhood who have night jobs. You can start an in-home daycare service where you can watch the kids at night. Here are some cool side hustles that cost less than $200 to start.

Social Media Manager

One good side hustle is to work as a social media manager. Start by purchasing a website service. This usually costs a little over $200. As a social media manager, you would be responsible for creating and maintaining social media campaigns for clients. These clients could be local businesses, schools, nonprofit organizations, and healthcare institutions. Your duties include creating and monitoring social media accounts, creating ads, and creating campaigns to drive more traffic to clients' websites.

Website Flipping for a Side Hustle

Just like physical real estate, you can flip digital real estate with websites. If you visit the website Flippa, you'll find a variety of websites in different niches that cost less than $200. You purchase the website, improve it, and then sell it to another person. If you do this with multiple websites, you can boost your income greatly.

Housecleaning Services

With so many busy families who struggle to maintain tidy homes, you can help them by offering them housecleaning services as a side hustle. You can start by purchasing cleaning supplies and equipment. Then visit neighbors and offer to clean their homes for a discount price or even free in order to get your first few clients. Once you establish yourself, you can charge a fair price for your services.

Reselling Items Online for a Side Hustle

Another thing you can do is buy items on sale or at thrift stores, then resell them online through platforms such as eBay, Amazon, or Poshmark. The key is to do research on which items are in high demand by certain types of customers. If you're primarily selling to moms and children, then you'll have success with selling kids clothes, toys, and educational books.

Lawn Mowing Services

Another idea would be to mow lawns for extra cash. You'll just need a lawnmower and additional supplies, and you're ready to get started. Ask neighbors if they would be willing to let you mow their lawns once or twice a week. If you do a great job, you could have steady customers and income to help you pay the bills.

Niche Photography

You don't have to be a general photographer because, as a niche photographer, you can earn money from clients in certain industries. Maybe you can take photos of healthcare for small business owners who work in this sector. Or you may decide to work as a wedding photographer for couples in your area. Start by taking plenty of pictures and then creating a portfolio website that showcases your talent. You can then have friends and relatives refer your services to people they know.

Sell Snacks in the Neighborhood for a Side Hustle

For this side hustle, all you have to do is purchase bulk boxes of snacks from a wholesale club then resell them in your neighborhood. Create flyers about the snacks you're selling and the prices for those snacks. The neighbors can come to your home during a certain time period of the day to buy snacks and you can decide which days you'll sell them. This is a neat way for you to earn extra money, and your kids can help out too.

Make Extra Money With Side Hustles You Can Start With Less Than $200

With these side hustles, you can achieve your short-term and long-term financial goals.


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