How Your Teen Can Make Money in High School

A teenage girl taking her neighbor's dog for a walk.

Teens need to learn how to manage money properly, and now is the time to go beyond just giving them a weekly allowance. You can do this by helping him find creative ways to earn money while in high school. He might use his income to open a savings account, contribute to a custodial brokerage account you set up for him, or buy his favorite gadgets. If he wants to start a home-based business after graduation, he can use the income to fund his dream. Here are a few ways that your teen can make money in high school.

Hold a Weekend Garage Sale

This is a good idea for your teen to do during the back-to-school season because many families are looking for inexpensive ways to buy various items for the new school year. Maybe your teen has an abundance of school supplies and outfits that he rarely used the previous school year. He can sell these in order to purchase what he needs for the new school year.

Housecleaning Is an Easy Way for a Teen to Make Money in High School

This is another neat side hustle that your teens can do after school, around the holidays, and on weekends. Have your teen visit neighbors and offer to do different cleaning tasks around the house for a decent price. Pass out flyers to your child's friends' parents and other relatives. Then budget for how many cleaning supplies your teen will need to do the work. From there, help him create a work schedule that won't interfere with his schoolwork and family obligations.

Start a Youtube Channel or Blog

This enterprise won't earn your teen quick cash, but if he has a unique idea for a wider audience, he should consider this idea. Your teen might want to start a Youtube channel about the latest scholarship opportunities and other chances for teens to get free money for college. He might spend a few days researching these opportunities. Then, he can create two to three videos a week about what he discovered. Or your teen might decide to start a blog about makeup and fashion tips. Here is a post on how to get started with content creation to make money in high school.

Tutor Kids

Another idea would be to tutor kids. Create some colorful flyers and post them inside elementary schools, community centers, churches, pediatric clinics, and supermarket bulletin boards. Ask neighbors if they would be willing to let you tutor their kids for an affordable price per session or per hour. When you meet with clients, discuss your main areas of academic expertise and why you believe your techniques will help their children improve.

Dog Walking to Make Money in High School

If you're skilled at taking care of pets, then you can work as a dog walker for neighbors. Talk to neighbors and inquire about walking their dogs for a decent price. Maybe you can walk their dogs early in the morning before school and when you come home. This is a simple way for you to earn good money and enjoy dogs' company at the same time.

Work in Retail or at a Restaurant

Teens have worked in the service industry for years, and this can help you understand what it means to be a good and reliable employee. Some people look down on service jobs, but these careers are good starting points for teens wanting to enter the workforce. Show your teen how to fill out an application and then talk about how to conduct an interview.

Take Online Surveys

This is a quick way to earn extra cash, and this can supplement income from your other jobs. The good thing about online surveys is that you get to contribute your opinions on a variety of topics. Because they don't take long to complete, you can do them on your phone in between classes or while you're waiting to be called to the doctor's office.

Find More Ways Your Teen Can Make Money in High School

These jobs are amazing ways for your teen to earn money.


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