How to Go Thrift Store Shopping Like a Pro

A woman shopping at a thrift store for new clothes.

One of the best ways to save money on clothes and furniture is to visit the thrift stores in your area. However, there are certain strategies you need to use in order to have the best shopping experience. One thing you can do is ask the store manager which days they restock items. Those are the best days to head to the thrift store because you'll be able to grab a lot of the cool goodies before the huge crowds come in on the weekends, which is a popular day for shopping. Another cool hack is to buy the kids' clothes during off-season times because you save money by purchasing next year's supply ahead of time. Here are more thrift shopping tips.

Look for Things You Can Repurpose in a Thrift Store

If you can find furniture that can be repurposed, you'll save money at the thrift store. If you find a vintage desk, turn it into a nightstand. Here are some additional repurposing ideas:

  • Turn an old entertainment center into a laundry supplies station
  • Buy an armoire and transform it into a small pantry cabinet for the kitchen.
  • Purchase an old coffee table, spray paint it a bold color, and make it into a chalkboard table for the kids to use.
  • That vintage dresser you adore could be turned into a portable coffee bar.

Combine Certain Discounts With Thrift Store Sales

Some thrift stores offer student, military, and senior discounts. You can save money at the thrift store by combining the discounts with store sales. This helps you save hundreds on items, and it gives you the opportunity to stock up on more goodies without going over your budget.

Inspect Before You Buy

Don't get caught up in the excitement of shopping without inspecting the items before making a purchase. This ensures that you're getting the best quality for your money. The store staff can't thoroughly inspect every item they receive, and they might miss the damage that is hiding in certain products. Check furniture for any broken pieces or pest residue that hasn't been cleaned. Try out certain machines and toys to see if they still work.

Don't Buy What You Don't Love

Sure you may like certain things in the thrift store, but unless you really love those items, leave them at the store. Sometimes thrifters focus on getting the best deals but when they return home, they don't always use what they purchased. The most important thing is not just to look for the best deals. The important thing is to buy the things you really love at good prices.

Arrive With a List and a Budget

To keep yourself from overspending at the thrift store, it's wise to arrive with a list of only the items you intend to buy. Also, bring enough cash with you as many thrift stores don't accept credit cards although a handful of them do. When you bring cash with you to the store, you're less likely to overspend on the things there...

Be Friends With the Store Staff

This is an amazing tip for thrift store shopping because the staff can let you know when the best days are for coming in and they can offer you a lot of advice for finding the best deals. If you're a regular customer and the salesperson knows what you generally buy, he might put certain favorite items on hold for you.

Visit More Than One Thrift Store

Don't just shop at your favorite thrift store. If your usual thrift store doesn't have the items you want, visit other stores in your area. You might find something a lot better than what you would've found at the one you always go to.

Learn More About Thrift Store Shopping

In conclusion, these tips will assist you in finding the best deals at the thrift store.


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