3 Ways to Read the Newest Bestsellers Without Breaking Your Bank

Close-up shot of a woman’s hands reaching for bestsellers on the shelves.

Reading can be an expensive habit, particularly if you like to keep up with the latest bestselling books. New releases can run upwards of $19-49 per copy; and at prices like those, most readers can't afford to keep themselves up to date with the newest bestsellers. With the costs of books on the rise now more than ever, smart shoppers and savvy readers need to figure out how to keep themselves supplied with good reads without overspending on the newest releases.

Visit Local Libraries for the Newest Bestsellers

The first and most obvious resource for avid readers is their local libraries. Indeed, libraries keep a stock of bestselling books, often carrying multiple copies of the most popular new releases. Even in cases when they haven't added the title you wish to read to their collection, most local libraries can leverage the power of Interlibrary Loans to get you whatever you want to read. Simply check your library's website or talk to a librarian next time you visit in person.

Definitely, a budget-friendly option for avid readers keen on scooping up the latest popular releases.

Reading Groups and Bookish Friends

Joining a local reading group and making friends with other readers is a magical experience. Not only do you get a chance to connect with people who share your interests and passions, but you also gain access to people buying and reading a steady stream of new books. Also, reading groups and friends can become vital sources from which you can access the newest bestsellers without purchasing them outright.

Loaning out your books and borrowing books from others keeps you well-read without bleeding cash. Just be sure to take care of the books you've borrowed, or you could find yourself having to purchase replacement copies.

Thrift Stores and Book Swaps

Thrift stores and book exchange shops are both popular places to pick up bestsellers at lower costs. At thrift stores, you can browse shelves of gently read paperback and hardback books. If you're patient and alert, you're more than likely to run across something you've been dying to read. Maybe it's this year's top seller. Maybe it's a bestseller from a few years ago. Either way, savvy thrift shoppers can fill their shelves reliably and affordably by visiting thrift stores.

In addition, book exchange shops exist to give readers access to affordable books while offering them store credit for books they bring in and/or return. If you don't have any book exchange shops in your area, never fear. There are plenty of great book exchange websites available online through which you can connect with other readers and swap books--sometimes for only the cost of shipping.

Read the Newest Bestsellers Without Breaking Your Bank

Readers are leaders. If you're going to stay at the front of the pack, you'll want to be reading the most recent and important books. However, new releases can be expensive. If you're living on a budget, you can't be buying new hardback books online or from retailers every month.

Fortunately, these tips can keep you current without overspending.


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